Meet Lexie - Q&A

Q: What was the best phase in your life?

A: I would say, shortly after becoming a Christian. In 2012 I was saved and I felt like as a whole God turned my life around. 


Q: What makes you feel accomplished?

A: Making a to-do list and completing it. It's very satisfying!


Q: What is your favorite book & why did it speak to you so much?

A: Bible. Hands down. God reveals himself constantly through there for me and I feel like I can read the same passage over and over & each time it speaks to me differently. 


Q: Who is that one person that you can talk to about anything?

A: My husband. Easy peasy. He's my best friend. 


Q: What's an ideal weekend for you?

A: It depends on my mood - but family time, good food, a glass of wine, a good movie, & a rainy night. Being home and cuddling up with my family!


Q: Do you believe in second chances?

A: Yes, 100%. Because God gave me that second chance. Third and fourth maybe not, but second chances for sure!


Q: What's the one thing that people misunderstand about you?

A: People have made assumptions about me before based on dressing girly, wearing heels, and wearing a full face of makeup. Sometimes that can be interpreted that I am not a hard worker and I know that I am. 


Q: What's on your bucket list this year?

A: Everything I didn't do in 2020! But really, growing my business. It grew a lot this past year despite circumstances. Growth in my business this year and growing my relationship with Christ. 


Q: What is the craziest thing you've ever done and would you do it again? 

A: Jumped out of an airplane & absolutely not. Never again. I instantly regretted it. My sister and I both have January birthdays and so that was our birthday present to each other. It was a bucket list thing and I am glad I did it, but never again!


Q: What did you want to be when you were younger?

A: A lot of different things. In my teenage years I wanted to be a makeup artist & I did end up becoming a makeup artist. That was fun while it lasted but I honestly lost my passion for it. I have always wanted to have my own retail store, it didn't happen until later in my life, but it still happened! 


Q: What are some of your favorite songs?

A: I have a lot! My all time favorite Christian song is Amazing Grace. Still, every time I sing it, it brings tears to my eyes. There's a song by John Legend called Stay With You that reminds me of my husband, it's our song!


Q: What's something you can't go a day without doing?

A: Praying & reading my Bible. And coffee! I will get the worst migraine if I don't have it. 


Q: What is the most spontaneous thing you've done lately?

A: My sister-n-law and I started a Bible study group for the women in your family. Not something I would typically have thought of doing! 


Q: If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?

A: Israel


Q: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

A: That's tough. There's different things for different reasons. I can be a little too naive sometimes. It's a kiss and a curse. I also wish I was a better driver!


Q: If you could tell your former self one thing right now what would it be?

A: Pick your battles & don't let everything get to you. Some things just aren't worth the fight. 


Q: What food could you not live without?

A: Anything fried. 


Q: What's one thing you wish you knew how to do?

A: Sing! I love music & I really wish I could sing but I'm terrible at it! 


Q: What's the greatest risk you have ever taken?

A: Probably opening a store & then hitting the pandemic! Literally spent our store year anniversary in a mandatory quarantine.